Keystat Solution
Keystat Solution
Keystat Solution
Keystat Solution
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Keystat Solution

Broad-spectrum coccidiostat solution

Broad-spectrum coccidiostat solution for the treatment of coccidiosis in poultry, especially broilers

  • Contains twin anticoccidials - amprolium hydrochloride and ethopabate
  • Amprolium hydrochloride exhibits high activity against E. tenella and E. acervuline
  • Ethopabate has anticoccidial activity especially against E. maxima and E. brunetti
  • The synergistic combination of amprolium and ethopabate is effective against E. necatrix

Pack sizes: 1 L, 5L
Available: Australia

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Keystat Solution

Active constituents: Each L contains: AMPROLIUM HYDROCHLORIDE 216 g ETHOPABATE 14 g

Contains twin anticoccidials that provide a synergistic effect which is highly effective in the control of major coccidiosis-causing Eimeria species in birds. Amprolium and ethopabate each have an individual spectrum of activity, which is enhanced by the combination.