Water Quality - Platypus Range

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This uniquely Australian range of products contains naturally occurring microbes which benefit the aquatic environment. The microbes have been shown to be free of virulence genes, do not undergo any form of genetic manipulation and contain no chemicals, ensuring a natural approach to every situation - safe, non-toxic and residue free. Each of the microbes used in the Platypus range are grown by fermentation to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standard. All of the microbes have been selected on the basis they can be clearly defined by genus, species and genetic fingerprint. Each of the microbes selected fulfills an important role in improving water quality.

The Platypus range results from more than ten years research and development into selection of microbial strains, determination of effectiveness of strains, formulation of products, stability testing and field trials. Platypus offers a range of live microbial products designed for incorporation into a program of water management to promote a healthy aquatic environment. With other benefits applicable to waste water, such as reduction in odour, Platypus can also be used in fresh, brackish, or sea water to lower or degrade sludge and solids, reduce ammonia levels, stabilise plankton and improve water quality.

Further information on the Platypus range can be obtained by downloading the appropriate datasheet. Alternatively you can contact us via email and have a technical representative answer your enquiry.