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Worma Paste
Worma Paste
Worma Paste
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Worma® Paste

Broad spectrum oral paste

Broad spectrum oral paste for horses of all ages

  • Broad spectrum dual active ‘rotational’ wormer
  • Controls large roundworms (Parascaris equorum), Large strongyles, Small strongyles, Pinworm, Adult stomach hairworm and adult stomach worm
  • A complete syringe treats a 600 kg body weight horse

Pack sizes: 56 g (15 per carton), (30 per pail)
Available: Australia

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Worma® Paste

Active constituents: Each g contains: OXFENDAZOLE 107.2 mg PIPERAZINE (as DIHYDROCHLORIDE) 214.4 mg

Provides superior control of stomach and intestinal worms in horses. It also sterilises worm eggs within 24 hours of administration to assist in reducing recontamination rates in newly wormed horses, especially those new to a horse group; such as mares sent to stud or horses being spelled at pasture.