Tite Horse Liniment in 500ml Spray Bottle
Tite Liniment
Tite Liniment
Tite Liniment
Tite Liniment

Horse Liniment

Tite Liniment™
Aids in the alleviation of soreness in horses

An aid in the alleviation of soreness of tendons, osselets, ringbone, splints, shins and knees in horses

  • All active ingredients in TITE LINIMENT™ are proven topical disinfectants (germicides) and antiseptics.
  • They are effective topically as low grade anaesthetics to reduce discomfort from itching and pruritic skin conditions
  • Their counterirritant and skin penetrating action stimulates blood circulation, thereby accelerates repair and recovery of stressed and sprained joints, and strained ligament and tendons.
  • Improved circulation to the shins is valuable in hastening the strengthening of bone as a horse adapts to weight carrying and increased loading at the gallop, and so is helpful in the reduction of shin soreness in young horses.

Pack sizes: 500 mL spray pack
Available: Australia

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Details & Specs

Tite Liniment™

Active constituents: Each mL contains: CAMPHOR 32 mg PHENOL 29 mg IODINE 6 mg

A time honoured preparation that has been traditionally used to alleviate soreness of tendons, joint osselets, ringbone, splints, shins and knees. TITE LINIMENT is a humane and effective alternative to blistering or pin-firing of lower limbs of horses.