Saleco 120 - Coccidiosis Treatment in 25kg Bag
Saleco 120
Saleco 120
Saleco 120
Saleco 120

Coccidiosis Treatment

Saleco® 120
Granular anticoccidial feed additive

Granular anticoccidial feed additive micro-granule for broilers, stimulates growth rate and increased feed conversion of pigs and beef cattle

  • Improves the productivity by stimulating the growth rate and increasing the feed conversion efficiency of grower/finisher pigs and feedlot beef cattle

Pack sizes: 25kg
Available: Australia

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Details & Specs

Saleco® 120

Active constituents: Each kg contains: 120 g SALINOMYCIN SODIUM

Contains salinomycin sodium, which aids in prevention of coccidiosis in broiler chickens and in replacement birds intended for use as caged layers caused by E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. maxima, E. mivati, E. necatrix and E. tenella, their sporozoites, trophozoites and first generation schizonts. SALECO 120 may be used in replacement pullets for periods up to 7 days before producing eggs and eggs products for human consumption, or as directed by a Veterinarian.
Also for use in pigs and Beef cattle.