Propaca ProN8ure (Protexin), Mineral & Vitamins in 15kg White Bucket
Propaca with ProN8ure
Propaca with ProN8ure
Propaca with ProN8ure
Propaca with ProN8ure

Camelid Vitamins & Minerals

Propaca™ with ProN8ure®
Energised mineral/vitamin and trace element supplement

Propaca™ with ProN8ure® supplies a specific premix package, including meals containing quality protein and high energy with molasses and fish oil.

This pioneer formulation is a nutritious and palatable supplement unique to the Australian camelid industry. Propaca™ with ProN8ure® will aid in the production of high quality, versatile natural fibre. It will positively benefit show animals, improving coat condition and colour, as well as supplementing the diet of young cria for better growth and performance. Particular emphasis is given to the high nutrient demands of gestation, lactation and reproduction. 

  • 20% Protein & 11 MJ/kg  
  • Vitamins & minerals 
  • Contains ProN8ure® Multi-Strain Probiotic
  • Ideal for cria, weaners, tui, adult & lactating alpacas, llamas and camels
  • Feed PROPACA™ with PRON8URE® by mixing into feed or by sprinkling product over feed or ration

Pack sizes: 15kg, 20kg
Available: Australia, New Zealand

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Details & Specs

Propaca™ with ProN8ure®

ProN8ure® is included in Propaca™ to maximise growth rates and protect cria from scour-inducing bacteria. The beneficial bacteria in ProN8ure® help to quickly establish a healthy population of gut microflora, which in turn helps protect them from overgrowth of harmful strains, as well as aiding a digestive efficiency and improving the utilisation of feed. ProN8ure® helps improve growth rates, feed conversion and enhances health naturally. ProN8ure® is nonhormonal, environmentally safe, residue free and has a nil withholding period. No other product can make these claims.

Innovative research and technology combined with our in-house nutritional consultancy team are proud to advance alpaca and llama nutrition in line with breeder’s ambitions. The product of the future is here today – Propaca™ with ProN8ure®



The uniqueness of ProN8ure is not just confined to its multi-strain formulation. Research and Development has produced a special "protection" to ensure the highest possible numbers of bacteria survive the journey through the hostile conditions of the crop or stomach, into the gut where they rapidly begin to work for the benefit of the animal.


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