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MecWorma & Bot
MecWorma & Bot
MecWorma & Bot
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MecWorma & Bot

Broad-spectrum worm paste

Broad-spectrum worm paste for horses of all ages

  • A broad spectrum single active ‘mectin’ oral anthelmintic
  • Controls Large Strongyles, Small Strongyles, Ascarids (including adult and immature), Pinworms, Hairworms, Lungworms, Bots, Intestinal Threadworms, Neck Threadworms and Large Mouth Stomach Worms
  • A complete syringe treats a 600 kg body weight horse

Pack sizes: 33 g syringe (20 per carton), (50 per bucket)
Available: Australia, New Zealand

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MecWorma & Bot

Active constituents: Each g contains: Abamectin 3.64 mg

It has been shown to be highly effective (up to 100% activity) in control and treatment of large and small strongyles (Strongylus and Cyathostomum spp.) including arterial larval stages and benzimidazole resistant strains, bots (Gasterophilus spp.), cutaneous onchocerciasis and nematodes including Habronema and Draschia spp. which cause skin lesions (summer sores). Also available in bulk - Boxes (20 per box) and stud packs of 50 syringes.