Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure
Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure
Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure
Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure
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Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure

Multi-strain probiotic supplement for calves

Soluble vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, energy with ProN8ure® multi-strain probiotic supplement for addition to whole milk or milk replacer for calves

  • A fully soluble formulation – Add to whole milk, milk replacer or mix with feed
  • 12 vitamins and 10 minerals (7 trace minerals and 3 electrolytes)
  • Scour Protection - ProN8ure® (formerly Protexin) is included to maximise growth rates and protect calves from scour-inducing bacteria including E. coli, Salmonella and Aeromonas

Pack sizes: 10kg
Available: Australia, New Zealand

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Calf Weanaid with ProN8ure

A unique product which continues the colostrum advantage by minimising setbacks to growth often associated with the step-down in nutrient intake when colostrum feeding ends at 3-4 days of age. Especially for bucket fed and weaner calves. For more information please go to the Datasheet.



Pro(N8)ure - IFS (In Feed Solution) has the ability to withstand steam, high temperatures and high pressure as used by commercial feedmills to make pellets or mash, loose mixes, premixes and supplements including poured or pressed lick blocks (molasses, salt etc).