Horse Wound Kleanse in Spray bottle
Wound Klense
Wound Klense
Wound Klense
Wound Klense

Horse, Cattle, Dog First Aid

Wound Klense®
Spray solution to aid skin and wound cleansing

Spray solution to aid skin and wound cleansing for cattle, horses, dogs & cats

  • Contains organic acids that assist in the removal of necrotic tissue (dead or dying skin cells), serum discharges, pus and other debris from wounds
  • The organic acids help to limit bacterial and fungal growth on the wound surface
  • Non-greasy and aids in preventing tissue from drying out
  • Quiet operating pump action pack is ideal for spray on the horses and other animals that often become frightened by the ‘hissing’ sound of pressure-pack topical sprays

Pack sizes: 500 mL spray pack
Available: Australia

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Details & Specs

Wound Klense®

Active constituents: Each L contains: PROPIONIC ACID 35 g MALIC ACID 15 g PROPYLENE GLYCOL 78.5 g

A gentle, highly effective wound cleansing preparation that can be applied to clean debris and residues from healing wounds.