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Spring 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013
Greetings Everyone,

Spring is just around the corner and our Team at IAH have put something special together.
It is called the Foal Starter Pack. This pack is designed to give your foal the very best start in life.

Each pack contains:
*Buffered Iodine - simply spray onto the navel of your foal for the first 5 days to help guard against bacterial and fungal infections.
*Protexin Paste - administer 10g per foal per day for the first 5 days (half in the morning and again at night is okay too!)
After day 5 to day 14 keep a watchful eye for scours and IF they occur administer more Protexin Paste.
*21 days from the foaling date - worm your mare with MecWorma & Tape Allwormer.
*3 - 4 weeks worm your foal with Worma Paste (by this point your foal should be about twice its birthweight) e.g. 50kgs at birth then by 4 weeks your foal should be about 100kg. Use the dial a dose syringe to adjust to the correct dose.

We also have a 10 Foal Starter Pack and if you intend foaling down more then 10 foals we will happily put together a Foal Starter Pack to suit your needs.

You can freecall us from our website: www.iahp.com.au
Contact us on Facebook - www.facebook/iahproducts.com

Freecall 1800 801 201

And we can assist you to get your Foal Starter Pack from your favored supplier.
Give'm the best start! Have a great season.

Kind Regards... Chris

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