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September 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Greetings one and all, Spring has sprung and nature is renewing itself everywhere.

Always keep an eye on all newborns and the best way to ensure they get off to a good start is to dose them with Protexin (Paste or Liquid) for the 1st x 5 days of life.

Remember all young animals, particularly those animals that you highly value, come in contact with soil, manure, and debris and this provides and entry point for pathogens via their navels.
Suggest you keep a bottle of Buffered Iodine on hand and spray the navel every day for 3-5 days.

For those of you with horses, ask your veterinarian about doing some faecal egg counts for you so that you can carefully monitor when it is necessary to worm. Spring is an ideal time for Tapeworm to reappear.

It is more important to worm your mares with a wormer containing a Tapeworm controller (like MecWorma & Tape Allwormer). For foals from 3-4 weeks of age we recommend a dose of Worma Paste.

All the above products are available in our newly released Foal Starter Packs.

Remember: Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure.

Enjoy the Spring warmth and all those newborns that are popping up everywhere around the county!

King regards...Chris

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