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International Animal Health return as sponsors of Northern and Southern Beef Week

Thursday, April 04, 2019
International Animal Health Products have returned as sponsors of Northern and Southern Beef Week for the next two years. 

International Animal Health Products CEO Chris Lawlor said the deal was more than just a marketing opportunity.  

"We always want to try and give something back to the industry so from our point of view Beef Week brings a lot of farmers together, it gives an opportunity for them to sell their bulls off farm and we have developed a good relationship with The Land and also with a number of their customers," he said.
He noted marked improvement in the cattle presented at the events. 

"We try to encourage farmers to better prepare their animals so that they have got a more even line," he said. 

"When we first started out a number of those cattle towards the tail end, they weren't getting a lot of money for so you could lift those bulls and improve the value."

Article by The Land
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