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Equidays X Factor Challenge

Monday, November 02, 2015

We received a rather delightful email from the Villa Park Stud in regards to their Horse; Duke's performance throughout the Equidays X-Factor Challenge. The email read as follows:

"Thank you for all your support and sponsorship of Livamol and other International Animal Health products on our journey with MY Kingdom to the Dunstan Ex Factor competition recently held at Equidays, NZ. 

We have attached a photo of “Duke” at Equidays strutting his stuff during his freestyle musical, if you would like to use this on your facebook page.

He won the Best Conditioned and Presented horse, he then went on to get 6th overall in the Dunstan X-Factor Competition. 
The Livamol significantly helped with his conditioning and coat preparation and the shampoo and coat shine spray made him gleam.

He worked extremely well in the conditions, thanks to the nerves and stress product and we were inundated with comments on how amazing he looked. 

We are extremely grateful and we were proud to tell people who enquired about how the International Animal Health products contributed to making Duke into the stunning horse he is today.

Kind regards, 
Alan and Mary Copeman"

For more information about our Livamol Products, feel free to browse our website or call the office on (02) 9672 7944.

Chris Lawlor

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