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Blood Support for Horses

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Iron deficiency can restrict the performance of horses. Racing, endurance and polo are a few high performance activities where the stress of heavy training and competition causes rapid breakdown of red blood cells. In severe cases, iron deficiency anaemia can result. Tell-tale signs of impending trouble include listlessness, a picky appetite and loss of a horse's 'will to win'.

Blood cells play a critical role in transporting oxygen to hard working muscles, so to maintain performance it's important to maintain blood cell 'health'. As well as performance horses, young, growing horses need support in the daily production of new blood cells and following injuries involving blood loss. Broodmares can be supplemented for their iron, towards the end of pregnancy, to help to build the blood of strong healthy foals.

You can provide blood support for your horse by using Ironvita Blood & Oxygen. Ironvita Blood & Oxygen is an iron supplement that includes additional ingredients selected to enhance the benefits of iron. Copper helps horses mobilise iron from storage areas around the body while cobalt helps synthesise vitamin B12 which horses require to recover from anaemia. Ironvita Blood & Oxygen also contains folic acid which has been shown to increase haemoglobin concentrations, often deficient when green pick is limited. Available in 1L; 5L and 25L.


Ironvita Blood and Oxygen - Iron Supplement for Horses 


By Chris Lawlor
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