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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Australia is a land of contrasts, one moment there is drought and the next it is pouring rain to the extent of flooding. Many parts of the Eastern States have experienced an enormous amound of rain, this combined with humid conditions is ideal for rapid growth of fresh green grass.

It also means a rapid increase in worm larvae activity especially in young growing horses who are more susceptible to worm attack as they have yet to build immunity and these larvae will affect horses of all ages especially those animals who are primarily grazing in paddocks.

The month of March heralds the start of Autumn. So it is time to choose your wormers carefully.

The options are;

Abamectin (MecWorma & Bot)

Abamectin/Morantel (MecWorma & Tape - Allworma)

Ivermectin or Abamectin with Praziquantel (there are many products on the market)


If you need help with your worming program simply call us on the Worming Hotline 1800 801 201 or visit our website www.iahp.com.au


King Regards... Chris

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