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ABC News Report: Protexin Probiotic is a Huge Success at Koorana Crocodile Farm!

Friday, January 23, 2015

On the 4th November 2014 ABC News reported on the successful use of Protexin (multi-strain probiotic) for improving the general health, well-being  and growth rates of baby crocodiles at Koorana Crocodile farm based in Coowonga, Queensland.  The 7 month trial also saw a reduction in the mortality rate of the baby crocodiles. Crocodile farmer John Lever confirmed the success of Protexin and that probiotics will be a permanent addition to the baby crocodile’s daily diet.  He said, “We’ve been struggling over the years to find the right sort of diet for baby crocodiles and every year we trial something else… and I think that we’ve nailed it this year”. The benefits of including Protexin in the baby crocodile’s diet go as far as increasing crocodile tourism and improving the production of meat and leather goods. “This is the best growth rate that we’ve had to date in our history here at Koorana so you can imagine how that makes us feel.” John said. Protexin was originally recommended to the crocodile farmer by the Melbourne Aquarium vet. 

To watch the whole story click here.

Baby Saltwater Crocodile
Baby Saltwater Crocodile

Protexin Probiotic
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