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A Lovely Letter from Olivia

Monday, March 09, 2015

Hi International Animal Health Products!!

I wanted to write and formally thank you for the very generous prize that I was incredibly lucky to win at Equitana last year at your stall, and to provide you with an update of how I have been going with the different products and the responses I have personally experienced in my horses.

The first product I chose was your Calciplex Bone and Joint Plus for my show jumping and eventing horse. Dobby which has been in work every day for the past 3 months. This horse is a grey Andalusian/ Warm Blood cross breed who is quite big boned and therefore places a great deal of strain and pressure on my horse’s joints and he has been performing beautifully without any signs of fatigue or stress.

Also for the past 3 months I have been using your Sootha Nerves and Stress product for my young 3 year old up and coming competition horse. This horse is a 16.1hh Clydesdale x Stockhorse mare who is extremely hormonal and has been at times very difficult to deal with. Due to her size and the fact that she is young and therefore still learning to become coordinated and manage her hormone growth spurts she could be unpredictable in her nature and at times very hard to manage. I have only started feeding your Sootha Nerves and Stress since just after Christmas and already the change in her is fantastic. Prior to using this product she was unable to settle in the paddock when the other geldings approached and showed excessive signs of defensiveness. Having been on your product now for 3 weeks she is already much calmer, around the male horses and seems much more relaxed in her every day handling and her approach to training. I am really looking forward to seeing what prolonged use of this product produces.

For several of our horses Livamol is a daily addition to their feeds and has been for many years. These horses all have extraordinary coats and seem to always be at their prime.

I am 14 years old and a member of Pony Club Association Tasmania as well as the Show Jumping and Eventing Branches of Equestrian Tasmania. I love my sport and know that I am going to be in it for a very long time and have set myself some lifetime goals in this field. I have represented my state before travelling across to the mainland to compete and it is my goal to one day represent Australia. Having set these goals, I know how important it is to choose the best products in the aim of achieving them and when you find an excellent product making sure to stick to what works. I love the results these two products have produced and would love to continue to use them and therefore would like to ask whether you would consider sponsoring me. I would be a super ambassador for your product and would be very happy to provide photos of myself and my horses competing as well as testimonials.

I think you have a wonderful range of products and feel very lucky to have won your raffle allowing me the chance to try and experience the tremendous results they provide. Thank you again very much.

Yours sincerely,
Olivia from Tasmania

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