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Cattle, Sheep, Goats & Alpacas Product Comparison

Aeromonas Protexin
Antifungal Buffered Iodine; Glutacide
Antiseptic Buffered Iodine; Glutacide; Wound Klense
Bacteria Protexin; Glutacide; Buffered Iodine; Wound Klense; Keydrex
Buffers Dairy Hi- Yield; Beef Feedaid
Calcium Molatein; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Calcium & Phosphorus Molatein; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Coat - Conditioner Livamol
Coat - Dull Livamol; Livamol Glo
Coat - Colour Enhancement Livamol Suds; Livamol Blu
Coat- Stain Removal Livamol Suds; Livamol Blu
Coat- Whitening  Livamol Blu
Coccidiostats Byrumen; Dairy Aid; Dairy Hi Yield; Lot Feed Aid
Copper Deficiency CopperEx Bullets
Cuts, Wounds, Abrasions Buffered Iodine; Wound Klense; Flints Medicated Oil
Dehorning Buffered Iodine; Wound Klense
Diarrhoea Protexin; Calf Weanaid; D-Scour
Disinfectant - Cleaning GlutacideBuffered Iodine; Wound Klense; Keydrex
Digestibility - High Manomix
Digestibility - Poor
Manomix; Protexin
E. Coli   Protexin
Energy Molatein; Livamol; Manomix
Feed Additives CTC- Eco (CTC); Flaveco; Moneco; Oxy- Eco (OTC); Saleco; Tyleco
Feed Conversion Protexin; Calf Weanaid
Immunity Protexin; Calf Weanaid
In Feed Additives CTC- Eco (CTC); Flaveco; Moneco; Oxy- Eco (OTC); Saleco; Tyleco
In Water Additives Oxy- Eco Oral; Sulphatrim
Leather Care Leather New
Magnesium Dairy Hi- Yield; Beef Feedaid
Monensin Sodium (Moneco) Byrumen; Dairy Aid; Dairy Hi Yield; Lot Feedaid; Calf Weanaid
Naval Spray Buffered Iodine
Palatability Molatein; Livamol
Pellets Byrumen; Manomix; Dairy Hi Yield; Lot Feedaid; Calf Weanaid
Production Enhancement Calf Weanaid
Probiotic Protexin
Protein Manomix; Livamol
Protozoa Glutacide
Proud Flesh Wound Klense
Ringworm Buffered Iodine
Salmonella Protexin
Scouring Protexin; Calf Weanaid; D-Scour
Stress Protexin
Viruses Glutacide
Weaning Calf Weanaid; Manomix; Protexin
Wormers Ausmectin; Worma Drench
Wounds Buffered Iodine; Wound Klense


International Animal Health Products offer a wide range of vitamins, minerals, vitamins and minerals, feed additives, medications, probiotics, scour control and anti-parasitic products to care for your sheep’s health. We aim to provide products that improve the growth, health and wellbeing of your sheep and lambs. Choose from our range of sheep products including Ausmectin, Berg Oil, Buffered Iodine, Dairy Aid, Dairy Hi- Yield, D-Scour Paste, Flints Medicated Oil, Glutacide, Leather New, Livamol, Livamol Blu, Livamol Glo, Livamol Suds, Manomix, Molatein, Protexin Liquid, Protexin Paste, Protexin Powder, Protexin Soluble and Pro(N8)ure.


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