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Poultry Product Comparison

Bacteria Protexin; Glutacide; Keydrex
Broilers Keycarbazin 25%; Protexin; Solquin; Sulphatrim; Baceco; Doteco 
Coccidiostats Keystat; Solquin; Keycarbazin 25%; Doteco
Disinfectant, Biocide Glutacide; Keydrex
Electrolyte Keylectrolyte
Feed Conversion Protexin
Growth Promotant Protexin
Immunity Protexin
In Feed Additives Baceco; CTC- Eco; Doteco; Flaveco; Keycarbazin; Keystat; Moneco; Oxy- Eco (OTC)Saleco
In Water Additives CTC- Eco Oral (CTC); Keystat Solution; Oxy-Eco Oral (OTC); Solquin; Sulphatrim; Tyleco Soluble
Probiotic Protexin
Vitamins- Water Soluble Abdextra
Vitamins & Minerals Keyvitamin


International Animal Health Products offer a wide range of feed additives, medications, vitamins, minerals, vitamins and minerals, probiotics and disinfectants for poultry. We aim to provide products that improve the growth, health and well-being of poultry across the industry. Choose from our range of poultry products including Abdextra, Doteco 1000, Flaveco 5, Glutacide, Key Vita Min, Keydrex, Keylectrolytes, Keystat, Keystat Powder, Protexin Soluble and Saleco 120.

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