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Horse Product Comparison

Acid Neutralisation Neutra Syrup
Amino Acids Manomix; Sootha; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Antiseptic Buffered Iodine; Wound Klense
Appetite - Poor Protexin; Manomix; Livamol Feed Optimiser
B Complex Vitam Plus;Vitam; Sootha
Blood Counts - Low Ironvita
Bone Growth Calciplex; Calciplex Plus; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Calcium Calciplex; Calciplex Plus; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Calcium & Phosphorus Calciplex; Calciplex Plus; Min-A-Vit; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Chromium Min-A-Vit; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Coat - Conditioner Livamol
Coat - Dry Snow-E
Coat - Dull Livamol; Livamol Glo
Coat - Colour Enhancement Livamol;Livamol Suds; Livamol Blu
Coat - Stain Removal Livamol Suds; Livamol Blu
Coat - Whitening Livamol Blu
Cramping Snow-E; KA; Neutra Syrup
Cuts, Wounds, Abrasions Buffered Iodine; Flints Medicated Oil; Wound Klense
Diarrhoea Protexin; Horsport; D-Scour
Disinfectant - Cleaning Glutacide
Digestibility - High Manomix
Digestion - Poor Protexin
Diuretic Neutra Syrup; KA
Electrolytes Electromix; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Energy Livamol; Manomix; Snow-E
Feed Pellet Livamol Feed Optimiser
Fertility Snow-E
Fluid Balance Electromix; Horsport
Foals Protexin; Buffered Iodine; Worma Drench; Worma Paste
Fungal Infections Buffered Iodine
Goiter Vitam; Min-A-Vit
Greasy Heel Buffered Iodine
Hooves - Poor Bio-Hoof
Immunity Protexin; Snow-E
Irritable - Nervy Snow-E
Kidney Infections KA
Leather Care Leather New
Legs - Soreness Tite Liniment
Legs - Swollen KA
Muscles Manomix; Snow-E
Orphan Foals Protexin; Manomix
Poor Condition Protexin; Manomix; See Wormers
Pre-Race Drench Horsport; Protexin
Probiotic Protexin
Protein Manomix; Livamol
Recovery After Exercise Horsport; Protexin
Rehydration Horsport; Electromix
Rainscald Buffered Iodine
Saddle Soap Leather New
Scouring Protexin; D-Scour; Horsport
Selenium Vitam; Min-A-Vit; Manomix; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Shin Soreness Calciplex; Calciplex Plus; Tite Liniment
Sick Horses Manomix; Protexin; Horsport
Skin - Dry Snow-E; Livamol
Stress Protexin; Sootha
Tendons Tite Liniment
Tying Up KA; Neutra Syrup
Urine - Cloudy, Smelly KA
Weaning Manomix; Protexin
Wormer MecWorma & Bot; MecWorma & Tape Allwormer; Worma Drench; Worma Paste
Yeast Manomix; Livamol Feed Optimiser
Travel Sickness Protexin; Horsport


International Animal Health Products offer a range of feed additives, medications, probiotics, anti-parasitic pastes or drenches, wormers, vitamins, minerals, vitamins and minerals, rehydration and diuretics, shampoos, first aid, tack care and grooming products, blood and muscle solutions, hoof-care, coat conditioning and scour control to care for your horse's health. We aim to provide products that improve the growth, health and well-being in horses and foals across the industry. Choose from our range of horse products including Berg Oil, Bio- Hoof Care and Repair, Buffered Iodine, Calciplex Bone and Joint, Calciplex Bone and Joint Plus, D-Scour Paste, Flints Medicated Oil, Glutacide, Horsport Rehydration and Recovery, Ironvita Blood and Oxygen, KA Cleans and Flushes, Koagulon Injection, Leather New, Livamol, Livamol Blu, Livamol Feed Optimiser Pellets for Horses, Livamol Glo, Livamol Suds, Manomix, MecWorma and Bot, MecWorma and Tape Allwormer, Min-A-Vit Racing and Breeding, Molatein, Neutra- Syrup Neutralises and Removes, Protexin Liquid, Protexin Paste, Protexin Powder, Protexin Soluble, Snow-E Muscle- Energy and Fertility, Sootha Nerves and Stress, Sootha Paste, Tite Liniment, Vitam Health and Vitality, Vitam Plus Health and Vitality, Worma Drench, Worma Paste and Wound Klense.

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