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Calf Weanaid for Health, Growth and Scours protection

Calf Weanaid continues the colostrum advantage by minimising potential setbacks to growth associated with the step-down in nutrient intake, after colostrum feeding ends at 3-4 days of age. Calf Weanaid's 13 vitamins and 10 minerals boost the levels provided by whole milk or milk replacer to be comparable to colostrum.

Calf Weanaid is now available in three unique formulations, each built on the colostrum advantage and designed to address common health problems while maximizing calves potential.

  Calf Weanaid with Protexin
provides a natural blend of viable microbes to main digestion, improve feed conversion and weight gain, treat scouring and diarrhoea and suppress pathogens like E coli, Salmonella and Aeromonas spp. 
  Calf Weanaid with Flaveco and Moneco combines the colostrum advantage with the natural growth and feed conversion efficiency of Flaveco and Moneco's ability to prevent coccidiosis.
  Calf Weanaid with Protexin and Moneco provides all the benefits of the colostrum advantage with a multi strain probiotic while Moneco offers prevention of coccidiosis, all in a single easy-to-administer formula. 


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