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  • Key Vita Min - Keymix
    Key Vita Min - Keymix
    Formulated to adequately supplement the vitamins and minerals that are likely to be deficient or marginal in the ingredients commonly used in poultry rations. The adequacy and balance of these nutrients must be essential to maintain the health and productivity of all birds. The role of minerals and vitamins is to improve the nutritional value of feed by supplementing those nutrients, which are missing or low in commonly, used feed. Intensively raised livestock are by definition almost entirely hand fed and dependent on supplied feed. Therefore, every attempt is made to guarantee the balance and potency of vitamins and minerals in the feed.



International Animal Health Products offer a wide range of feed additives, medications, vitamins, minerals, vitamins and minerals, probiotics and disinfectants for poultry. We aim to provide products that improve the growth, health and well-being of poultry across the industry. Choose from our range of poultry products including Abdextra, Doteco 1000, Flaveco 5, Glutacide, Key Vita Min, Keydrex, Keylectrolytes, Keystat, Keystat Powder, Protexin Soluble and Saleco 120.

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