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  • General Purpose Pig Premix - Keymix
    General Purpose Pig Premix - Keymix
    Provides supplementary levels of the major vitamins and minerals required by pigs of all ages. These vitamin and minerals help maximise performance and reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies that might occur because of variations in feed quality.



International Animal Health Products offer a range of feed additives, medications, probiotics, scour control products, vitamins, minerals, vitamins and minerals, first aid and disinfectants to care for pig's health. We aim to provide products that improve the growth, health and well-being in pigs across the industry. Choose from our range of pig products including Boar and Sow Premix, Buffered Iodine, D-Scour Paste, Flaveco 5, General Purpose Pig Premix, Glutacide, Growaid, Keydrex, Keyquindox 100, Pig Weanaid, Protexin Paste, Protexin Soluble, Saleco 120 and Zirco.

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