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Feed Additives for Pigs, Poultry and Cattle

  • Keystat Powder - Keymix
    Keystat Powder - Keymix
    Contains twin anticoccidials that provide a synergistic effect which is highly effective in the control of major coccidiosis-causing Eimeria species of birds. Amprolium and ethopabate each have an individual spectrum of activity, which is enhanced by the combination. Amprolium hydrochloride acts upon the first generation schizont and is highly effective in controlling the early stage of infection targets. It exhibits high activity against Eimeria tenella, and E. acervulina. Ethopabate has anticoccidial activity especially against E. maxima and E. brunetti; and the synergistic combination of amprolium hydrochloride and ethopabate is effective against E. necatrix.



International Animal Health Products offer a wide range of feed additives for pigs, poultry and cattle. We aim to provide feed additives that improve the growth, health and well-being of your pigs, poultry or cattle. Choose from our range of feed additives including Doteco 1000, Flaveco 5, Keyquindox 100, Keystat Powder, Moneco 100 and Saleco 120. For scheduled feed additives please see Vet Only.

Please note that our vet only products are exclusively available to veterinarians, authorised veterinary wholesalers and those authorised to obtain and supply therapeutic substances.


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